Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obtained: Job (Internship)

As most NPCs know by now, I recently began a new chapter in the story; my story. This chapter focuses on my recently obtained internship at MokaFive. To be completely honest when I first heard about MokaFive from a good friend that works there I was highly hesitant. My primary concern was that it was not a video game company. Sad news.

However, my interest in the position grew as I learned more about the company and the technologies I would be working with. As the interview process proceded I found myself more and more hopeful of being offered the job. This was all weeks ago.

Now, a week into the job, I am very pleased to say that it is a great place to work and for several reasons. The people are really friendly and are exceptionally intellegent with a large portion having a masters (or Ph.D.) from Stanford. One of the founders is even a CS professor from Stanford. The overall environment is relaxed and fairly casual but at the same time there is always something that needs to be done and it's seemingly crunch time often.

I am not clear on exactly all of the cool technologies that I am going to work with but to give you an idea. Last week I played around with a MSI file using Orca.exe and learned a great deal about the MokaFive product. This next week I am going to learn Python and SCons to help work on the build tools and I am also going to implement a Windows service into the product which is going to undoubted require me to use about five different things that I have never used before. Exciting!

The only downside to this internship is that I consequently have much less time. Project Euler problems are going to probably be fairly infrequent for now as well as my blog posts. I do want to continue to write about what I am doing at work as well as a juicy side project that I have yet to mention in this blog. Stay tuned!

*saved game*


  1. Wow, sounds like you are gonna have a great time in your new occupation!! What city is this in?

  2. MokaFive is located in Redwood City. So the commute kind of sucks right now.

  3. Go, Double-S! You can do it! Just remember: "Ann-tee-bodies!"!