Friday, July 24, 2009

Project Euler Level up!

Even though I only have 24 reports, I actually have done another problem which sets me at 25 problems completed. This is great! When I completed the problem I was presented with this message.

I was very excited to see this. I'm above 79.4% - that's pretty awesome. When I went to look at my profile I was very happy to be presented with this.

Yeah, I bet you didn't know they were handing out TRIANGLES! but they aren't just handing them out to anyone. One day I hope to become spherical - this is my dream; my goal in life.

Anyways, I thought I'd take a moment and reflect back on the past 25 problems and see how this project Euler is treating me and everything.

My original primary reason to do these problems was that I wanted to become a better C++ programmer. After the first 10 problems I realized that was an unreasonable goal given the means. These problems are really more intellectually challenging and are working my mind several times harder than it is working my C++ skills. However, I do not want to discredit what I have learned. I have become more familiar with the standard library and more comfortable with the syntax.

One thing these problems are not requiring is work with classes. But, I am considering putting together a namespace and classes (where applicable) of the methods that I find myself commonly using in these problems.

Overall I am enjoying working on these problems. I have always found interest in any intellectual challenge and these are a good way to work that. One thing I am unhappy about is that with all of these reports this blog has become much more serious and intellectual than I originally wanted. If anyone has any suggestions on how to mix things up then let me know! I don't want to lose all 7 of my readers!

Level Up!
Jasson grows to Level 10 Programmer.
Jasson's STR (in fingers) increases by 3.
Jasson's INT increases by 99.
Jasson learns skill "Basic C++".


*saved game*

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