Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Grind Report 5

Once again I skipped some problems - completely unintentional.

Problem 11

I do not include the problem because it is fairly long. Shift+Click ftw!

A little history about me. When I was younger I remember before I could even really read I, for some reason, really liked crossword puzzles. I had books for them and would solve them even though I had no idea what the words actually were. I think that fierce puzzle solving carried over into this problem. I looked at the grid of numbers and within about 30 seconds I picked out 4 numbers that were suspiciously large. A moment later after finding the product I was greeted with a "Congratulations"

This was my first attempt and everything. I picked the right 4 numbers out of 400 (20x20). I was pleased with myself. I read on the forum on this question (presented after you answer correctly) that several people had solved this problem by just eying it; however, none on their first try.

Once again, I may or may not come back to this problem to solve it via programming. I believe it would be a fairly basic for loop.

*saved game*

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