Thursday, October 8, 2009

DaB Gameplay

Following up my previous post, I wanted to give readers the general concept behind the gameplay for DaB. Here is an excerpt from the design document.

The main gameplay is playing a match. This is a 1v1 game of cards. Each player has 4 character cards, collectively known as a party, and a deck of other card types; Aer, Ability, and Item cards. An Aer card is played on a character (this is known as channeling), which enables the character to perform certain abilities. Such as the Aer of Health would give a character the ability to cast healing magic. Item cards are agnostic and consequently can be performed by any character at any time, but are generally weaker than their ability card counterparts. The objective of the game is to KO the opposing player's party.

DaB will follow the "always connected" methodology and require the player to always be connected to the online service that will be provided. Think of this online service as a mini Through this service the player can match up on the ladder, with friends or take it solo in either practice (PvE) or story mode.

  • The story mode would consist of dialog scenes (2D backgrounds with character portraits). No actual character movement, everything is menu driven.
  • The online mode is where the major focus lies. With a matchmaking system in place the player is put in a match against another player with similar experience for competitive play. Players will be ranked but there are also unranked matches for playing with friends.
Hope you found this interesting. I will continue to provide more information about this project as development goes on.

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